Thursday, February 17, 2011

New full hybrid model of Porsche’s coming at Geneva Motor Show

 New full hybrid model of  Porsche’s coming at Geneva Motor Show

Statement from Porsche indicates they are in the process of building a hybrid vehicle that would mark a bold new step for the company into the eco-friendly segment of cars and would conform to the “Porsche Intelligent Performance” philosophy. Details about the car are quite less as the company is not letting much of it out at the moment. The only fact that has been obtained is that the car would be in line with the Cannyne S Hybrid which was a successful model indeed.
It seems most probable that the car would be a hybrid version of the Panamera four door coupe which had been discussed in late January. That was the time that Porsche had announced their lookout for a diesel powered Cayenne for the US and that it would be followed by a diesel and gasoline electric hybrid Panamera variant as well.
It can therefore be derived that the Hybrid would have a similar power unit like the SUV which is a combination of a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 gasoline engine that delivers 333 HP along with a 47 HP or 34 Kw electric motor. The combined power output would then be 380 HP or 279 KW and 580 Nm or 428 Lb-ft of peak torque.
There would also be the 918 RSR hybrid racing car concept and hardcore Cayman R up on display at the Geneva Motor Show event as well as the 911 Black Edition and Boxster S Black Edition which are all recent introduction models.

 New full hybrid model of  Porsche’s coming at Geneva Motor Show


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