Monday, March 12, 2012

Hybrid cars star of Albany Car Show

Hybrid cars star of Albany Car Show

 Auto makers are revving up more energy-efficient engines at this year's Albany Car Show. Our Brandon Walker spoke with drivers who say amid rising gas prices, they're happy the auto industry is responding to signs of the times.

 By plugging a chord into what, essentially, is one big socket, your days of waiting in line at the pump are over.It's the new Nissan Leaf, powered by electricity, and sparking lots of attention even some skepticism.

"I'm still on the fence about it a little bit."
But that didn't stop Harold Felt from getting a lesson in how it works. His intrigue is driven by rising prices at the pump.
"I'm not ready to give up the gasoline just yet. At $6 per gallon, maybe," Felt said.
Not quite there yet. AAA reporting the average price for a gallon of Petrol at $3.78--even higher in the capital region.
"A lot of choice for consumers," said Deborah Dorman, president, Eastern New York Coalition of Automotive Retailers.
Auto makers are reacting to consumer demand for more energy efficient cars. That sign of the times on display at the Albany Car Show.

"On one charge it's like 106 miles, and combined if it were gas it would be 99 miles per gallon, which is just really really impressive," said Elias Skiff, as he looked at the Nissan Leaf.
From Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Ford.
More than 170 vehicles from 32 manufacturers are parked inside the Times Union Center.
"We've got two large cars and we're looking to downsize one of them," said Jeff Pangburn, who's testing a Chevy Malibu with his wife and daughter.
"Trying to get 30 [miles per gallon] on the highway at a minimum. Even the [Honda] CRV, the Honda is getting more now, the equinox. So it's good to see," he said.
And with customers looking to cut back on consumption costs the industry hopes to cash in. A vendor selling electric vehicle charging stations stopped passersby as they checked out cars.

"This is the new infrastructure that's going to have to be out there before people are going to start thinking and purchasing electric vehicles," said Mark Bomba, of Eco Sun and Power, a company that sells charging stations.
Which brings us back to Harold Felt, who's still interested, but won't make a purchase just yet.
"I just need to do a little more homework first," he said.


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