Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alabama discount insurance quotes online

Though you may have a motor insurance, it is important that you take due care when you make a claim as well as be aware of admissible and non-admissible claims. While most of the damages and losses to your vehicle can be taken care of by the insurance cover, there are some claims that are not payable under the basic motor insurance.
"It's a twenty percent chance that you'll get hit by an uninsured motorist out on the road. Unfortunately, we all have to pay for those that don't have insurance,"

Looking for ways to lower the cost of your car insurance? Consider driving your car into the ground.

A two-year analysis of nearly 200,000 quotes delivered through some source online comparison engine showed that 16-year-olds saw an average rate of $4,075. By age 21, that average fell by half. And by age 50, it fell by half again.
Older drivers are more likely to be contending with slower reaction times behind the wheel and worsening eyesight. Those risks overcome greatly reduced mileage to result in rates that begin rising again after age 65.

The penalties of youth

Whether someone has settled down in life or can balance a checkbook may seem irrelevant when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. In fact, they're just two of a multitude of factors that come into play when insurance companies set their rates.

Some factors are obvious. If your driving history is marred by a string of accidents and driving infractions, you can expect your rates to soar.
And age is a key consideration. "Younger drivers tend to take more risks,"  director of personal lines policy for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. That can lead to younger drivers being involved in more accidents and receiving more traffic tickets.
But even with clean records, drivers who have been licensed less than three years tend to pay an "inexperienced operator surcharge," he says.
Though much depends on the insurance company, the penalty for inexperience usually disappears altogether by the time a driver has reached 25. But the drop doesn't come all at once.
For example, a major insurance company in California multiplies its base rate for liability coverage by 1.9 for newly licensed drivers -- effectively doubling the premium. That factor drops to 1.2 with five years' experience. At 10 years, the factor is .85 -- now, in effect, a discount off the basic rate.

Alabama discount insurance quotes online

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