Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Certified Used Hybrid Vehicle Program launched by toyota

Certified Used Hybrid Vehicle Program launched by toyota

In canadas history for the first time toyota is launching the Certified Used Hybrid Vehicle program.The company claims this is an expansion of their Certified Used Vehicle program,“designed to enable Canadians to buy previously-owned hybrid models with maximum confidence.”
Tony Wearing, Senior Managing Director, Toyota Canada Incsays, “Hybrids are as reliable, and as easy to own and drive, as conventional vehicles”. “So it’s natural to build on our program for certified pre-owned vehicles with this new initiative tailored to those built around Toyota’s proven hybrid technology. Add in the ability to view Toyota Dealer hybrid inventories online plus special financing rates, and it’s never been easier to shop for the right hybrid vehicle.”
Toyota certified used hybrid vehicles are treated like all other Toyota CPO vehicles, plus they undergo a special 134-point inspection, are reconditioned, and then backed by Toyota’s comprehensive warranty, including  Toyota’s eight-year/160,000 km warranty on all hybrid components.
“This new program is yet another example of why we have declared 2012 The Year of the Hybrid in Canada,” Wearing added.


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